The Craigieburn Trails are open for Summer 2014

AiryThe Craigieburn Trail is open for your summer riding – Hogs Back, Dracophyllum Flat, Sidle 73, and Coal Pit Spur are ready to roll.

Coal Pit Spur still needs signs and trail markers – these should be installed this summer;  watch out for wind fall on Dracophyllum Flat – there are at least 5 trees down that will make you stop.

The Hogs Back Track needs a sweep.

And this summer’s mission for all riders – pull out one wilding pine each ride.  We had over 8,000 people on the Hogs Back this year – that could equate to 8,000 trees removed.   Carry a folding pruning saw and help us preserve the environment and our riding scenery (make sure you cut the trunk right at ground level and don’t leave any shoots on the stump).

P.S. Coach Stream Route is closed to all access until the end of October for lambing.

November 2014 Workparty

When: 9am, 8th November 2014 add to calendar
Where: Bridge Hill Track, nr Environmental Centre, Broken River Skifield Road
What: Work on bringing Hut Creek, Bridge Hill and Dicksons tracks up to approved dual-use tramping/mountain-biking standard.

Castle Hill Community Association will be holding a Craigieburn Trails work party on 8th November to get stuck into upgrading the Hut Creek & Bridge Hill tracks in Craigieburn Forest Park. Depending on numbers and timing, we’ll also potentially cut a length of return track from the bottom of Dicksons Downhill back to the bottom of the old Environmental Centre access road. Please meet on the Broken River Skifield Road at 9am; follow the signs from the State Highway, head up the Broken River access road towards Jacks Pass to shortly before the bridge and junction with the Luge track where we will be coordinating parking to begin work on a short Hut Creek re-route.  Bring some tools (including wheelbarrows if you can), sturdy footwear, sunscreen, safety glasses/sunglasses, gloves, food (snacks) and water. There will be a safety briefing and explanation of planned activities at 9.10am.
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Work Party Roll of Honour

The Craigieburn Trails team would like to slightly belatedly recognise all those who have contributed blood, sweat and tears on numerous work parties in the Castle Hill Basin over the last few years. Some stalwarts of the Castle Hill community, the Canterbury biking community and also plenty from farther afield. Plenty of people have also donated their hard earned cash as well, either direct to the Castle Hill Community Association Track Fund or via our Paypal donation link.
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New website live

Welcome to the new Craigieburn Trails website.

We hope you find the information here useful, and we intend to work on keeping adding relevant content (such as track information, up to date track status, upcoming work parties, etc). Please let us know via the Contact page if there is particular information that you’d like to see here.
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