Are dogs permitted on the Craigieburn Trails?

Dogs are generally permitted anywhere in Craigieburn Forest Park and Thomas Bush, i.e. on all the tracks with the exception of Coach Stream Route, part of which is over an easement through Benmore Station, and Dickson’s Downhill, part of which is on Flock Hill Station.

Who manages the Craigieburn Trails?

The Craigieburn Trails are spread throughout the Castle Hill Basin, although almost all of them lie within Craigieburn Forest Park and as such are on Crown land. The Castle Hill Community Association (CHCA) have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Conservation (DoC) under which CHCA manages the maintenance of certain tracks in collaboration with other stakeholders within the Basin. The CHCA Tracks & Trails committee consists of a slightly fluid number of volunteers mostly from the Castle Hill community.

How do you finance the development and maintenance of the Craigieburn Trails?

All the effort undertaken by CHCA in relation to the Craigieburn Trails is freely given on a volunteer basis.  Financially, we rely on grants and donations for track maintenance and development; we’ve given a breakdown of the receipts and expenditure over the first few years here. We have also put together a range of fundraising endeavours at times as well, including the Craigieburn Trails microfibre map available for purchase on our website. We continue to be grateful for the support of a large number of local and national businesses and other organisations.

What system does the track gradings use?

The track gradings are as per the gradings listed on the DoC website, which in turn are based on the Kennett Brothers grading system widely used by New Zealand riders.

What about Track ‘X’?

Our relationship with DoC relates to certain tracks which are covered under the MoU between CHCA & DoC.  We have definite plans for development of appropriate tracks in the Castle Hill basin, but this needs to be in agreement with DoC and other stakeholders, and also needs to reflect DoC’s 10 year plans for the area.  It took around 6 years of discussions with DoC before we even cut the first sod on the Hogs Back Track back in 2010; these things take time, but good things come to those who wait.

I’m just visiting – is there anywhere I can hire a bike?

Unfortunately there are no bike hire locations particularly close to the Craigieburn Trails. If you’re coming via/from Christchurch, then a couple of options for you might be:

Are e-bikes allowed on the Trails?

A qualified yes. See our E-bikes policy here.

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