Financing the Craigieburn Trails

We’re constantly having to balance funding development and maintenance of the Craigieburn Trails with our funds available.  Over the 5 years since development of the Craigieburn Trails began, the tables below show how we’ve funded our activities.  Along with the direct financial support of many individuals, organisations and companies, the “value” of the volunteer effort, both with spade in hand and in-kind, has been massive (we’ve tried to quantify it below based on what it would otherwise have cost us in dollars per metre of track).

Personal Donations (Castle Hill community members, online/Paypal, donation box) $     14,502.00
Ground Effect $       5,000.00
Castle Hill Recreation Ltd $       6,000.00
Canterbury Community Trust $     20,000.00
Trail Fund/CCPF $     15,490.00
Fonterra $       5,000.00
Malvern Community Board/SDC $       2,700.00
DoC $       2,000.00
CHCA financial support
Easter Art Weekends (2009, 2011, 2013) $       4,021.00
Firewood Sales $         200.00
Donation $         500.00
Levies received
Craigieburn Enduro $       3,370.00
Kiwi Brevet $         500.00
Estimated volunteer “value” (not real money sadly!)
CHCA work parties $     47,800.00
Ground Effect work parties $     35,700.00
Community “in-kind” donations (donated digger time, DoC support, culverts, website, etc) $     18,500.00

While the work parties have been a significant part of getting the trails to where they are now, we do have ongoing direct dollar costs outgoing on maintenance and construction, details of which are given below for 2014 as an example.

As you can see, almost all our funding goes directly to track maintenance and construction and will continue to do so.

2014 Expenses so far
Direct track maintenance/construction costs (contractors, etc) -$     19,651.40
Materials (culverts, timber, etc) -$       1,085.00
Admin expenses -$         400.00

Other than ongoing maintenance, our next priority in terms of financing is to fundraise for a bridge over Tim’s Stream on the Dracophyllum Flat track.  We continue to welcome all donations from Craigieburn Trails supporters, both new and old.

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