Track Status

Ground Effect switchbacks

Some of the Craigieburn Trails suffer from frost heave during the colder parts of the year, and as a result, we consider them closed to biking over the winter months (generally mid-late Autumn to early/mid Spring).

We do ask bikers to respect these track closures as otherwise it means more work in the spring for our hard-working volunteers, and/or potentially diverting valuable donations/funding to unnecessary track maintenance when it could be going towards new track development.

Note: track status as listed below changes more on a seasonal basis rather than on a daily basis. Most of the Craigieburn Trails are NOT considered all-weather tracks, so if the tracks are obviously muddy or there has been rain in the previous 24-48 hours, please stay off the tracks regardless of what the track status says. A couple of the tracks that cope better regardless of the weather are the Edge and Coalpit Spur tracks.

For track locations, see the Tracks page, and please respect the MTB’ers Code of Conduct.

27 April 2024

Trails are mostly closed for the winter now


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