Strategic plans

As we wait for the 2019/2020 riding season to kick off, the Trails team thought it useful to share some of the strategic planning going on behind the scenes in conjunction with a range of stakeholders with interest in the Craigieburn/Castle Hill Basin area.

Over the last year, we’ve been working on identifying some of the challenges with how the track network has developed under what has been a relatively small voluntary effort, and we’ve welcomed some enthusiasm from other groups to get involved and share the load.

We’ve also been working with DoC on developing some strategic planning on both new track proposals and also maintenance schedules. To that end, DoC and the Trails team have convened a number of meetings with other stakeholders such as the local skifields, representatives from groups as diverse as local tramping groups, orienteers, school groups, concession holders, Forest & Bird, Walking Access Commission, WERT, other landowners in the Basin, etc.

Consultations with all those groups continues, but we thought it useful to share drafts of some of the proposed tracks and track maintenance schedules to show that even over the quieter months, there is activity and enthusiasm to continue with ensuring that the Craigieburn Trails continue to evolve and grow in a sustainable way.

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