Hogs Back Track/”Easy Out” workparty; Saturday 2nd December

Welcome to Spring 2017 on the Craigieburn Trails.

We have a workparty coming up on the first weekend in December building the new 2.5km “Easy Out” track on which initial construction is about to start.  This track is being put in as an uphill only track (for bikes anyway; walkers will be bidirectional) at the Castle Hill village end of the Hogs Back Track.

The Ground Effect crew will be on the scene in person(s) this time continuing their amazing support for the Craigieburn Trails.

When: 9am, Saturday 2nd December 2017
Where: Carpark at the Castle Hill Village end of the Hogs Back Track
Bring: Wheelbarrows, shovels, water, suncream, snacks/food, enthusiasm!

For more information or to RSVP, please email us at .

See you there!

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