Enduro races running on Craigieburn Trails network this Saturday

TNZEnduroRacePlanBoth the Trans Enduro NZ and Gravity Canterbury’s Craigieburn Enduro will be racing on the Craigieburn Trails this Saturday, so please be aware of the competitions if you’re thinking of heading this way, and please follow the directions of all marshalls and traffic management officials.

There will be a fair amount of shuttle van traffic running on the ski field roads (Cheeseman, Craigieburn Valley, etc) at various times through the day.

Riders will be coming down The Luge starting at approx 9.45am and through to Castle Hill Village by lunchtime. The Trans Enduro NZ riders will then be on the Craigieburn Edge track in the afternoon.

These events are being run independently from the Castle Hill Community Association, with both events having concessions from DoC.

We’d like to thank the organisers of both events for their support for the Craigieburn Trails as we receive a levy for each competitor which goes directly towards future trail maintenance and development.

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